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Tasmanian taxi investors may need to seek compensation from Tasmania Government

Savings have been seriously effected because of changes made to the Tasmanian government’s system for licensing owner/operator taxis. To make things worse, the Government continues to gouge perpetual plate owners with unacceptable annual administration fees. 

Seek justice for the Tasmanian taxi industry

Mum and Dad Australians who partnered with the Tasmanian State Government by purchasing Tasmanian taxi plate licences as part of their superannuation and retirement plans have been financially and emotionally betrayed by the wanting to drop Owner Operator plate prices. This is real money. Perpetual plate owners deserve complete and adequate compensation as a result of this decision.

United We Stand for our Retirement

We require small business owners who have invested heavily in the Tasmanian taxi industry to obtain a fair return for their long term investments, in a modernised, sophisticated and integrated point to point system. The lack of formal communication and consultation between perpetual plate owners in the business model is unacceptable.

Forced onto Social Security

The serious unjust process for those owners who have invested in a Tasmanian perpetual taxi licence as their retirement income are now faced with the real prospect of being forced onto social security payments to survive, let alone losing any prospect of transferring their taxi asset to their next of kin.

Justice for the Tasmanian Taxi Industry

In a single word, “JUSTICE”, Justice for Perpetual Plate Owners in the outer areas such as Derwent River estuary, City of Clarence, City of Glenorchy.

The Tasmanian taxi networks are intentionally keeping taxi licence owners in the dark and fragmented for the purpose of manipulating the taxi market in Hobart, Launceston and as taxi owners, they do not have a voice and are no longer represented. The “asset” loss is no fault of mum and dad investors but by the manipulation of the Networks and Government.

It is now time to have one voice as a one unified group to ensure our investments are not stolen from us by the Tasmanian State Government.

Fair and equitable compensation for Tasmanian perpetual taxi plate owners for losses incurred due to dropping of owner operator licence plate prices .

f you want to be kept informed, register on this website and communication will be issued when the appropriate time comes.

We are not beaten AND are working behind the scenes.

Tasmania Taxi Plate Owners Membership is here to stay

What We Want

The Tasmanian State Government has an obligation to provide its community with a SAFE AND VIABLE Taxi Industry.


Fairly rewarded for any financial investments made or held by them, whilst partnering with the Tas State Government.


Owners need to be fairly rewarded for losses incurred due to the unregulated introduction of ride-share vehicles. Supply is now greater than demand and now the taxi industry is no longer sustainable

Bottom Line

Failure by the Tasmanian Government to provide its community with a SAFE AND VIABLE Industry, is nothing less than a FAILURE by it to properly perform its duties and responsibilities to the people of Tasmania.

Any call for Tasmanian Government to implement taxi licence buy-back scheme must be in the form of fair and equitable compensation for taxi plate owners.

We must stop the Tasmanian Government of making the same mistake in other states.

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We need to unite to right the wrong.

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