Tasmanian Government Destroys Taxi Plate Owners Life Savings

The Tasmanian Government stole more than $40 million from 194 hard working ordinary people of Australia. They continue to back legislation that is ruining the lives of over a thousand people in the Tasmanian Taxi Industry. Taxi life savings should not be stolen from retirees. 

By knowingly manipulating the marketplace in their favor the Tasmanian Government intentionally devalued Taxi Plate Owners’ investments. Where Perpetual Taxi Plates were once valued at $160,000 they are now virtually dropped more than half, a situation that cannot be ignored. The Government can cope with this loss, retirees cannot. ORDINARY FAMILIES ARE BEING DESTROYED BY IT.

Tasmanian Perpetual Taxi Plate Owners put their life savings into this industry. They hoped that they would be able to have a fully self-funded retirement, to leave something for their children, to reap the benefits of a lifetime of hard work – NOW THEY HAVE LOST THEIR ASSET VALUE.

tasmanian nest egg stolen by Tas Govt

Optional Buy Back of Perpetual Taxi Licences at Purchase Price (Inc. CPI)

Taxi Plate Owners appealed to the Tasmanian Government to compensate them for such crippling losses through an optional buy back, but they were met with negativity rather than empathy. THE EFFECTS OF THEIR ACTIONS WERE DEVASTATING AND INSTANTANEOUS.

Across the industry Taxi Plate Owners, Taxi Operators, and Taxi Drivers are taking home less and less of the wage they need to support their families –


The results from bad taxi policy?

  • Retirees living below the poverty line in the capital city of one of the world’s wealthiest countries
  • Family homes repossessed despite years of work to ensure safety and security
  • An overall decline in mental health across the Tasmanian taxi industry

The Taxi Licence Owners Group wish for the Tasmanian Government to enter into mediation with them in the form of an optional buy back of taxi licences at their purchase price +CPI, so they can discuss fair and just reparations for the damages caused.