Call to action on Tasmanian taxi issues

The main key issues for this Group will address in this Policy are:

  • Implement reasonable compensation such as a buy back scheme to Plate Owners proportionate to the loss in value of their assets prior to the legalisation of Commercial Ride Sourcing Industries (Ride Sharing) and implement an income adjustment package for loss in incomes incurred over the past 5 years for all perpetual taxi plate/licence owners in Tasmania.
  • Standardised the cost of CTP Green Slips and comprehensive vehicle insurance to be matching those of Commercial Ride Share vehicles.
  • Support the adoption of all Commercial Ride Share Vehicles to pay an administrative licensing fee annually matching those of Taxis.
  • Recall the oversupply of annual Tasmanian Government leases and pick up the hundreds of idle free hold plates in exchange. The result being oversupply of government plates being minimised.
  • Set-up of a process by which publicly provided video information of Regulatory Breaches by Commercial Rideshare Vehicles can be lodged, investigated and enforced by the Tasmanian.
  • Implement regulatory control on the number of Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles in (e.g. Uber) in Tasmania with an annual review in consultation with this group.
  • Implement major minimum fines for Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles touting for business on Taxi Ranks.
  • Include and enforce mandatory passenger safety requirements (such as Safety Cameras) for Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles.
  • Bring back an acceptable standard of living for taxi operators and drivers