Call to action on Tasmanian taxi issues

The main key issues for this Group will address in this Policy are:

  • Implement financial compensation such as an optional buy back scheme to Perpetual Taxi Plate Owners. A fare and equitable solution is for the State Government to buy back each Tasmanian perpetual taxi plate licence (+CPI) at which they were bought for.  No owner will make a profit nor a loss and use this money to fund taxi licence owners retirement.
  • Standardised the cost of CTP Green Slips and comprehensive vehicle insurance to be matching those of Commercial Ride Share vehicles.
  • Support the adoption of all Commercial Ride Share Vehicles to pay an administrative licensing fee annually matching those of Taxis.
  • Recall the oversupply of annual Tasmanian Government leases and pick up the hundreds of idle free hold plates in exchange. The result being oversupply of government plates being minimised.
  • Set-up of a process by which publicly provided video information of Regulatory Breaches by Commercial Rideshare Vehicles can be lodged, investigated and enforced by the Tasmanian.
  • Implement regulatory control on the number of Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles in (e.g. Uber) in Tasmania with an annual review in consultation with this group.
  • Implement major minimum fines for Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles touting for business on Taxi Ranks.
  • Include and enforce mandatory passenger safety requirements (such as Safety Cameras) for Commercial Ride Sharing Vehicles.
  • Bring back an acceptable standard of living for taxi owners with regulated lease payments.