Catastrophe for Perpetual Tasmanian Licence Holders

Catastrophe for Perpetual Tasmanian Licence Holders

covid19 catastrophe for Tasmania Taxi Owners

Stimulus Package Sought

Perpetual Taxi plate owners are in a regretful negative financial reality placed upon by the Tasmanian State Government. 

An optional buy back of Perpetual Taxi Plates at which taxi plate owners paid (i.e. sale price) would alleviate this problem. 

Stick that that broke the camels back

Border closures with extraordinary steps using isolation in Tasmania, in light of the Corona Virus COVID-19  has completely placed severe hardship on perpetual taxi plate owners and for this reason immediate financial support is needed for Tasmanian Perpetual Taxi Plate owners on compassionate grounds who are now in a state of crisis. This is a catastrophe.




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