Taxi Buyback will help everyone including Tasmanian Government

Taxi Buyback will help everyone including Tasmanian Government

No formal email reply to my taxi licence crisis in Tasmania

Taxi Review Section of  State Growth Tasmania

Attention: Jack Policy Officer,

Dear Jack

As discussed over the phone today, COVID-19 has brought unbearable financial pressure to my self managed super fund (SMSF) with no taxi pension money coming in. As a retiree and a full time carer for my mother, my hands are tied. My SMSF income stream has halted completely with my taxi driver/operator not able to work. Perpetual licence owners like myself through my superfund receive no renumeration and remain illegible for financial support.

My situation has now reached crisis point. Please request the Minister Michael Ferguson ( to seriously consider an optional buyback of taxi plates to alleviate this current financial crisis. My taxi lease income through my SMSF has completely evaporated and I need this taxi lease pension income in my retirement.

I would like the Minister Michael Ferguson to seriously consider a buy back of my perpetual taxi licence plate HB104 at the price I paid $135K so I can live off this amount over the next 12-24 months during the “business hibernation”policy implemented by the Prime Minister. I simply want to get my own money back and live of it.

Endre Kovacs


After making a string a phone calls highlighting the urgency of this for me has failed in any form of financial assistance package as help from The Minister Member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly nor from Senior Management in State Growth.

Support for Tough Times for Perpetual Taxi Plate Owners is simply NOT HAPPENING. The TASMANIAN Taxi industry is severely impacted. Reference to ” $20 million has been allocated to provide one-off grants to those businesses that can demonstrate severe hardship”  has not helped the decimated Taxi Industry, viewed as an essential service.

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