Tasmanian Perpetual Taxi Plate Owner in COVID-19 Crisis, letter to Senator Jacqui Lambie

Senator for Tasmania
Senator Jacqui Lambie

Dear Jacqui,

Tasmania Taxi CrisisISSUE:

As a Tasmanian Perpetual Taxi Plate (which represents the majority of taxi vehicles) Owner, I have missed out on any significant financial support during this time of crisis. The Tasmanian Minister has acknowledged the crisis to me as a plate/licence owner by returning my 2020 administration fee of $709.56.


This crisis has caused me and my family as retiree severe financial and emotional stress, with our taxi lease pay-in dropping to nothing, yes $0 for a perpetual taxi licence (purchased for $135K) and the operator will return the taxi plate to me due to his inability to generate an income. This is in response to Tasmanian COVID-19 freeze/quarantine program and border restrictions.

This is now leaving me out of pocket on a week to week basis with no income from the taxi lease, effective 1 April 2020.

I need a proportionate and balanced response from the Federal and Tasmanian State Government to the Tasmanian Taxi Crisis which continues to be ignored for perpetual taxi licence owners
This is a non-sustainable outcome in the midst of my plight and seek the Tasmanian State and Federal Government to provide financial assistance immediately in light of the $66 billion dollar package being released to Australians in financial stress, of which my family is one of, bearing in mind the Tasmanian perpetual taxi licence plate was purchased through my Self Managed Super Fund with the intention to support us in our retirement, which I am in.


I request that financial transitional assistance be offered of $20K to cover the next 6 months plus an optional buyback option for perpetual taxi plates be made available in light of this ongoing taxi crisis in Tasmania.

I need your help.

Endre Kovacs
Elderly Retiree

m: 0413 701 333

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