Decimated industry now with no income as owner

To Whom It May Concern

Depressed Tasmanian Taxi owner Since the Corona Virus, we have lost all income and has become very stressful in our lives. Our life time savings, our super investment, value of our taxis have gone right down.

I was getting $1200 per month which now come down to zero $0. Our mortgage repayment is $3,000 per month. Our income from the taxis was $1,200 per month. I cannot cope.

This is only for the year 2020. I have been hospitalized which has cost me over $10,000 and our Dentist bill has gone over $7,000.

We are going through very hardship putting the food on the table. As I have no other income to support myself.

I am on my own pension because of the taxis. We only hope that the government buys back our taxi plates, or pay us compensation to get us out of trouble.

I’m stuffed


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