Hard working everyday Mum and Dad Australians who partnered with the Tasmanian State Government by purchasing Tasmanian taxi plate licences as part of their superannuation and retirement plans have been financially and emotionally betrayed and deserve complete and adequate compensation as a result of this betrayal.

The Tasmanian Taxi Owner’s Group was established to represent the interests of taxi owners acting as small businesses in Tasmania.

The taxi industry in Tasmania has suffered significant disruption as it tunes up to meet modern expectations for the vital and important integrated transport systems required for Tasmania.

Regulatory matters initiated by Tasmanian Government have been drawn out for well over two years, and taxi owners are suffering unwanted loss in taxi licence investments.

These continuous changes are causing severe pain and pressure on industry participants as they are unsure of their future, and in many cases are facing financial ruin, and significant health and family issues.

The Tasmanian Taxi Licence Owners Group understands the need for regulatory frameworks to be legislated and policed to ensure the safety of all Tasmanian passengers. It also requires those small business owners who have invested heavily in the taxi industry obtain a fair return for their long term investments, in a modernised, sophisticated, and integrated point to point system.

As a representative body, Tasmanian Taxi Licence Owners Group acts as a new point of reference for all owner/operators in Tasmania, as they adjust to the new regulatory frameworks. It also provides input to regulators and industry bodies on behalf of its constituents.